Can I silence my breath sensor?

Yes, you can turn all breath sensor sounds off, including the beeps heard when giving a breath sample. 

  1. From the sensor Home Screen, press the side button to access the menu.
  2. Using the main button to scroll and side button to select, navigate to the Sounds options in Settings.

3. When the desired option (on or off) is highlighted, press the side button to set the Sounds to the highlighted option.

4. Press the main button until the option you want (on or off) is selected. Press the side button to set the sounds to the highlighted setting.

You can also change the breath sensor sound settings from the Pivot app:

  1. Click on the Hamburger icon in the top left hand corner of the Home Page to go to the Settings page. From the Settings page, select the Sensor Settings option.

   2. Scroll down to the "Breath Test Beep Volume" setting and select it.

 3. Turn the volume to "off" from the drop down menu and press Save.

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