I'm adding a cigarette but it's not showing up in the app, what's wrong?

If a cigarette you added isn't yet displaying in the app, we recommend giving it a few seconds to load. You can even try exiting the app and coming back to it later. If you still don’t see the cigarette after a few hours, or none of your cigarettes are being logged, please email us at support@pivot.co so we can help.

Be careful not to click the "add cigarette" button multiple times. You may end up adding multiple cigarettes that way, even if you don't see them immediately. This is because there is a slight delay (anywhere from 4-20 seconds) between clicking "add cigarette" and the cigarette appearing. We are working to shorten that load time, and we appreciate your patience while we improve the app!

If you're in offline mode on the app (when there's no wifi or cell network connection), you will be able to add cigarettes, even if you don't see them when you're offline. They'll be logged and will display when your phone reconnects to a network or wifi.

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