What are some ways I can use the breath sensor & app to help me stop smoking?

Set reminders to sample 10 times per day

  • Give breath samples 10 times per day for a few days while smoking as you normally would. 
  • View your CO levels and how they change with smoking.
  • As you quit smoking, continue to sample and track your CO levels as they return to normal levels within 1-2 days.  
  • You may find this informational in confirming your new non-smoker status.  Quitting smoking permanently is the only way to minimize your health risks related to smoking.

Sample before and after each cigarette

  • Give a breath sample immediately before each cigarette.
  • Give another breath sample 5 minutes after each cigarette.
  • Do this for one day to learn how much your CO rises with each cigarette. 

Delay your first cigarette each day

  • Wait a bit longer each morning before smoking your first cigarette.  
  • As you extend the time from awakening to smoking your first cigarette, see how long and how many low hourly CO samples you can submit before that first cigarette.  
  • For example, try to not smoke so that your first five breath samples from 8 am until noon are as low as possible. 

Set an upper limit of CO, and lower that upper limit each day 

  • Set a goal for the CO level you do not want to go above.
  • Each day, set a lower goal and try to keep your CO levels below that number.

Use a Home screen's timer to lengthen the time between cigarettes

  • Gradually increase the amount of time between smoking each cigarette.
  • Track your CO levels using the breath sensor app and Pivot app.

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