How do I unpair my sensor from my phone?

There are two ways to unpair your sensor from your phone.  You can unpair through the Pivot app, and you can manually unpair your sensor using the sensor itself.

If you have the Pivot app on your phone and you can see in the app that your sensor is connected, you only have to unpair through the app.

To unpair via the Pivot app:

  1. Open the Pivot app on your smartphone. Click on the Hamburger menu in the Home Page to go to the Settings Page

   2. Click the Sensor Settings option

   3. From the Sensor Settings, choose the "Forget Sensor" option. A message will display to confirm you want to unpair your sensor.

   4. Click Forget Sensor on the message. You will no longer be able to sync new breath samples without re-pairing the sensor.

        Note: Your sensor must be connected to your phone to complete this process.

If you no longer have the Pivot app on your phone, or you no longer have the original phone the sensor was paired with, you can still unpair using the sensor itself.

Unpairing using the breath sensor:

1. Navigate to the Settings through the Menu by pressing the side button.

2.  Scroll down using the center button to the ‘Unpair phone’ option; select it with the side button. 

3. In the next screen, select 'Confirm' option and press side button again to confirm unpairing of sensor. 

4. Once the sensor is unpaired from the device, the sensor screen will display Phone Unpaired.


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