My breath sensor got disconnected from my phone. How do I reconnect?

When you first open the Sensor Settings in your Pivot app and the status is "disconnected," give it some time to try to connect. Sometimes it can take up to 30 seconds to sync, depending on your phone type and the strength of your Bluetooth. There's no "syncing" or "connecting" pop-up in our app like in other apps, but that's exactly what's happening - your phone is working to connect to your sensor.

If your sensor doesn't connect after several seconds, click "Reconnect." This will manually launch a sync attempt between your phone and your sensor. You should also give this about 30 seconds to work. While syncing, try keeping the sensor on a surface next to the phone as well, rather than in your hand or in a bag or pocket. 

If after clicking "Reconnect" your sensor still hasn’t connected to your phone, we have some suggestions for how to get that connection going again. Please note that connecting with the sensor via the list of Bluetooth devices you see on your phone's Bluetooth menu (like you would Bluetooth headphones for example) is currently not possible. 

There are a few reasons your breath sensor could have trouble connecting with your phone:

  • Bluetooth could be turned off on your smartphone, or Bluetooth on your phone might not be working.  

    • Quitting  (not just minimizing, but actually closing and re-opening) the Pivot app may help. 

    • You could also try turning the Bluetooth off and on, or restart the phone.

  • The breath sensor could have low battery.

    • Try charging your sensor.

  • In rare cases, the breath sensor could need to be reset.

    • Try resetting your sensor by inserting a paperclip into the hole on the bottom-left of the back of the sensor, pressing firmly, then releasing. 

    • This is a lot like turning your phone off and on again - don’t worry, it won’t erase any breath samples that haven’t synced yet.

If you've tried all of the suggestions above, and your sensor's status is still disconnected, please contact us at for additional assistance. 

Note: keep in mind you don’t have to connect your sensor to your phone every time you take a sample. Your sensor stores hundreds of breath samples and will upload them all to your phone the next time it connects.

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