Why am I getting an unusually low (0) or unusually high (100+) reading?

Low readings (0-6 ppm) are typical of non-smokers.  A reading of 0 is uncommon, but there are a couple reasons why your reading may be unusually low:

  • Your breath CO actually is very low, close to zero, because you haven't smoked in a while.
  • There's moisture accumulated in the sensor. Place the sensor in an open area and allow to dry.

If you see an exceptionally high reading (over 100 ppm) when you do a breath sample, there are a couple of possible reasons. 

  • It could be that you took a sample immediately after smoking. Try waiting at least 5 minutes after smoking before taking a sample.
  • Another possibility is that the device is malfunctioning. If you see multiple readings of over 100 ppm please contact support@pivot.co for further help. 

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