Must I talk to a coach, take Nicotine medication, use the breath sensor, or use the mobile app in order to use Pivot?

The Pivot program provides many evidence-based methods in one convenient program. Nothing is required, but you’ll generally get better results by using more features.

Coaching is optional. You mainly interact with your coach through in-app messaging ー whenever it’s convenient for you. A coach can help you discover motivation you might not know you had. If you do want to quit, people who use a coach are far more likely to reach their goal than those who don’t.
Nicotine medication is optional. In the Pivot mobile app, you can read all about free Nicotine medications provided through the program ー gum, lozenges, and patches. You’ll also learn how to use Nicotine medication safely to minimize the risk of unpleasant side effects and maximize your likelihood to stay quit for good.
The breath sensor can be used by itself or paired with the Pivot mobile app. For many people, using the breath sensor is an eye-opening experience. In clinical trials, use of the breath sensor alone resulted in a significant increase in motivation to quit, increase in quit attempts, and reduction in cigarette consumption.
You use the Pivot mobile app to order free Nicotine medication, message your coach, complete interactive lessons, choose a goal and receive personalized recommendations, tackle challenges, read and interact with the Pivot community, and unlock more breath sensor features. 

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