Sensor Settings in the Pivot App

What is on the Settings screen?

To access your Pivot Breath Sensor’s Settings, open the Pivot app and tap the CO Sensor widget.  Then tap on the sensor icon to open Settings.

1.  - more information about the sensor, such as FAQs

2.  Reminders - set, change or remove reminders to take breath samples 

3.  Breath Test Beep Volume - increase or decrease the volume of the beeps you hear during breath tests 

4.  Guided Breath Test - the app guides you through taking a breath sample 

5.  Sync Now - sync your CO samples from your sensor to the app

6.  Ring Sensor - your sensor will beep to help you find it if lost 

7.  Forget Sensor - use if you need to disconnect your sensor from your phone

8.  Breath Sensor ID - your sensor’s unique ID number 

9.  Firmware Version - the version of the software on your sensor 

10. Sensor Expiration - the date your sensor will stop working because it’s expired

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