Breath Sample Errors

If your breath sample is successful, you will see your CO number and level on the sensor’s screen.

If there is a problem with your breath sample and the sensor cannot calculate your CO number or level, you’ll see an error message on the sensor’s screen.

There are 4 reasons you could have an unsuccessful breath sample: 

1. Breath too short - try blowing into your sensor for longer when giving a sample 

2. Breath too early - try waiting until after the third beep to start blowing into the sensor 

3. Breath not detected - begin blowing into your sensor within 5 seconds of hearing the third beep 

4. Inhaled through the sensor - do not hold sensor to mouth while inhaling

Repeat the steps to submit a breath sample.

An error message will be also displayed if the sensor detects an internal or external issue. If the problem persists, contact Customer Service.

  • Temperature too high - try again in a cooler environment
  • Temperature too low - try again in a warmer environment
  • Internal Sensor Issue - try again or contact Customer Service

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