Cleaning your Pivot Breath Sensor

Cleaning your CO Breath Sensor is optional. If you choose to clean the sensor: 

  • Use a lightly damp clean cloth to wipe down the outside of the CO Breath Sensor. 
  • Do not allow water to enter any openings in the device. Do not submerge the CO Breath Sensor in water or other liquids. 
  • We recommend keeping your sensor at moderate temperature and humidity conditions to avoid damage. Avoid extreme temperatures (such as a hot car) and make sure your sensor can air out between breath samples to avoid moisture collecting inside.
  • Alcohol-based cleaners or other chemicals may interfere with the function of the CO Breath Sensor.
  • Do not use any alcohol containing products on the device, such as alcohol wipes or sanitizers.
  • Do not store or keep the sensor near other chemicals or cosmetics. This includes products such as lotions, perfumes or nail polish remover.

Your CO Breath Sensor mouthpiece is reusable and may be cleaned. To clean the mouthpiece: 

  • Wash with mild soap and water. 
  • Allow to completely dry before use. 
  • Replace as necessary.

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