What are some of the results I might expect while using the Pivot Breath Sensor?

Results or trends you might see when sampling often each day could include: 

  • Most samples submitted by non-smokers are 6 parts per million (ppm) or lower and most samples taken from a smoker are 10 ppm or higher. 
  • After 8 hours of sleeping (not smoking), your breath CO level may be low. This does not mean it is safe to smoke. As you start smoking during the day, your breath samples will show higher CO levels.
  • Smoking very intensely (deep inhalation, holding breath, smoking entire cigarette, smoking multiple cigarettes in a short amount of time, or smoking more cigarettes in one day) raises your CO levels more dramatically than lighter smoking. 
  • Smoking very intensely after dinner creates very high evening levels of CO before you go to bed, compared to other levels during the day. 
  • Your CO levels are highest shortly after smoking a cigarette, and then decrease slowly while not smoking.

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