Viewing your results

View your results on your sensor

The home screen of the sensor will display the results from your most recent CO sample. Navigate to the CO log in the sensor menu to see your sample history. While on this screen, press the center button to view more samples. Your sensor will display up to 40 samples. 

View your results in the Pivot App

If you pair your sensor to your smartphone, when the sensor syncs with your phone, sample results will also be visible in the Pivot app. Syncing occurs automatically when the app is open and is able to connect to the breath sensor (meaning the sensor is nearby, your smartphone’s Bluetooth is on, and the sensor is charged). The synced breath samples are displayed on the CO Log within the Pivot app. The CO Log displays:

  • your breath samples listed by date and time. Your most recent results are at the top of the screen.
  • trends between days and within a specific day.
  • past breath samples by scrolling up and down. 

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