Setting up your Pivot Breath Sensor

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  • Pivot Breath Sensor 
  • Quick Start Guide 
  • Extra Mouthpiece 
  • Micro USB Charging Cable

Taking your first breath sample

When you use your sensor for the first time, press any button to turn on the screen. Follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen to take your first breath sample.

If you have not taken a breath sample with your sensor before pairing, then after successful pairing, you will be instructed on how to take a breath sample within the app. When starting a breath sample on the sensor, the app screens will guide you through your breath sample. 

Take a breath sample

Before starting a breath test, make sure the air temperature is not too cold or too hot (between 40°F and 85°F) so that the sensor can fully detect when you start and stop blowing.

1: Press any button to turn on the screen. Follow the step-by-step instructions. When prompted to take a breath sample, press and hold the center button until you hear a beep, then release the button. Continue to follow the instructions.

2: Following the on-screen prompts, take a deep breath and hold it in for 10 seconds.* Do not breathe in through device.

3: When you hear 3 beeps, blow slowly into the sensor until it vibrates. 

  • A countdown will appear on the sensor screen. 
  • The sensor will vibrate when the time is up.

4: After a few seconds of calculating, your CO level will display on the sensor’s screen. 

To cancel a breath sample, hold down the center button for 2 seconds. You will be taken back to the sensor’s home screen.

*For accuracy reasons, if you are not able to hold your breath for at least 8 seconds, you shouldn’t use this device.

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