Ways to use the Pivot Breath Sensor to help you stop smoking

Sample frequently 

  • Give breath samples frequently for a few days while smoking as you normally would. 
  • View your CO levels and how they change with smoking.
  • As you quit smoking, continue to sample and track your CO levels as they return to normal levels within 1-2 days. 
  • You may find this informative about how carbon monoxide levels are affected by your smoking behavior. 
Quitting smoking permanently is the only way to minimize your health risks related to smoking. 

Sample before and after each cigarette. 

  • Give a breath sample immediately before each cigarette. 
  • Give another breath sample 5 minutes after each cigarette. 
  • Do this for one day to learn how much your CO rises with each cigarette. 

Set an upper limit of CO, and lower that upper limit each day.

  • Set a goal for the CO level you do not want to go above. 
  • Each day, set a lower goal and try to keep your CO levels below that number.
  • How to get lower CO levels? Smoke less. Even a single cigarette not smoked can help lower you CO levels. The Pivot Breath Sensor can track this progress and help you to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke each day. 

Start smoking later in the day 

  • Wait a bit longer each morning before smoking your first cigarette. 
  • As you extend the time from awakening to smoking your first cigarette, see how long and how many low hourly CO samples you can submit before that first cigarette. 
  • For example, try to not smoke so that your first five breath samples from 8 am until noon are as low as possible. 

Use the Home screen timer to lengthen the time between cigarettes 

After a breath sample, the Home screen will display a timer that increases or decreases depending on last breath sample result. If the last sample displayed was less than 7 ppm, or green, the timer will increase in seconds displaying how long you have been in the green range. Subsequent samples within the green range will increase your time.

If the last sample displayed was greater than 7 ppm, or within orange or red, the timer will count down. The time displayed is an estimate of how long it will take for you to blow a green sample if you do not smoke during the time period.

Use these timers to:

  • Gradually increase the amount of time between smoking each cigarette. 
  • Track your CO levels using the breath sensor app and Pivot app.

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